Woman Traumatized By Chimpanzee Attack Speaks Out After 6 Years

3. Previous Attacks


In 1996, Travis, who had always been an interesting but harmless feature in the neighborhood, attacked one of his neighbors. The woman had been walking when Herold and Travis pulled up to her in their car, she greeted Travis as she always had. The chimpanzee responded rather uncharacteristically by biting her hand and attempting to pull her into the vehicle with them. The woman complained to the police, but no charges were ever filed. It was the first sign that something was wrong.

4. Chimp in the Street


The next incident didn’t occur until October 2003. Travis had been out shopping with Herold all day. On their way back to the house, someone threw something at the car window where Travis was sitting. The object hit Travis in the head and the chimp took it upon himself to exit the car at a busy intersection and chase after his attacker. He didn’t catch him but Travis ended up being on the loose for several hours after that. The police were called in…

5. Police Backup


When police arrived, they lured the chimpanzee into the car several times. But Travis was no idiot, every time he got into the car he’d find his way out the other side door so that he could “play” with the officers by chasing them around the car. The incident prompted Connecticut to reevaluate the laws regarding citizens keeping primates weighing more than 50 lbs.

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