Woman Traumatized By Chimpanzee Attack Speaks Out After 6 Years

In February 2009, Travis the chimpanzee was enjoying a nice cup of tea with his recently-widowed owner, Sandra Herold of Connecticut. The night before, Sandra and Travis had eaten dinner together and taken a bath, just like they always had. Travis was a good pet, after all…


But later that day, when Sandra’s friend Charla came calling for afternoon tea, Travis reacted in a terrifying way. What happened next left his owner in shock, and left Chandra fighting for her life. Now, six years after the attack, she’s still fighting, but facing new struggles every day…

1. Travis at Home


Travis was not your normal chimpanzee. Sandra Herold had gotten Travis from a baby and raised him among humans all of his life. Because of this, Travis’ behavior was very influenced by human beings. He ate at the table, drank wine with his surrogate “mom”, enjoyed baths and cuddles and was an all-around happy, well-adjusted primate.

2. Animal Actor


Travis was also a movie star. As an animal actor, Travis had spent much of his life appearing in several TV commercials for both Coca-Cola and Old Navy. He had also been invited to appear on The Man Show, The Maury Povich Show, and had been involved in a TV pilot featuring Sheryl Crow and Michael Moore. In short, he was a famous, well-behaved chimpanzee. But as Travis got older, things started to unravel quickly…

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