Woman approached terminally homeless man who shared with her his one dying wish

They say that mans best friend is a dog. For this terminally ill homeless man, his dog was his only friend.

On a bitterly cold winter night in Fresno, California Jenine-Lacette DShazer noticed the man on the street clutching his dog closely. Heartbroken by the scene in front of her, DShazer decided to see if there was anything she could do to help. But, she wasn’t expecting the homeless man to ask her to help him do this…

The man, Clifford James Herbert, had once been a farmworker and owned a mechanics shop. Tragically, the 60-year-old had become homeless in 2006 after becoming disabled following a complicated heart surgery. To add insult to his injury, Herbert was terminally ill with cancer.

With only a few weeks to live, Herbert had one concern: what would happen to his dog, Baby? Haunted by the idea of Baby walking the streets alone, Herbert asked DShazer to help him with one thing…

Herbert had rescued Baby from an evil man who had been beating her with a flashlight and was horrified to think that she might find herself back in an abusive home after his death. So, he asked DShazer to find a forever home for 10-month-old Baby.

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