Woman Destroys All Ex Boyfriends With Halloween Costume

Woman Destroys All Ex Boyfriends With Halloween Costume girl savage webHaleigh

While I can’t exactly confirm who won Halloween as it would entail incredible research and determination, this girl’s effort is definitely a contender.

Opting against your standard ghost or zombie, biology student Haleigh went out wearing just a white t-shirt that read ‘Commitment’.

She captioned her picture: ‘Happy Halloween to everyone except my exes!’

Haleigh, who studies at the University of Minnesota, then tagged her exes in the post. Crushing.

She told Refinery29:

My friends and I joke about all the boys I dated in middle school so I thought being commitment would be funny and also ‘scary,’

It wasn’t until Wednesday that I decided to tag all of my exes,” she tells us. “I said I wanted to tag just my serious relationships but my friends thought it would be funnier if I tagged all the boys I dated in elementary/middle school too.

Naturally, as many people have a sense of humour in 2017, people weren’t so happy with the fancy dress choice.

Others saw the banter.

Who didn’t take offense to it? Funnily enough, her exes.


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