White Teen Gang Raped by 3 White Nationalists for Wearing Blacklivesmatter T-Shirt

A 19 year old Charlottesville Virginia woman was gang raped by a group of white nationalists for wearing a black lives matter shirt and is currently in a coma.

“She’s a ni**er lover, if she dies she dies”

Said rape suspect Jethro Duke from the White Power Liberators division chapter out of Charlottesville while in handcuffs.

Rebecca Wachosky was leaving Folks Place bar when she was approached by 3 white nationalists and asked why she was wearing the shirt. She reported replied “it’s a free country and I support the blacks” she was forced at gunpoint into the back of there F150 pick up taken to a local barn and raped repeatedly.

She is currently in a coma and fighting for her life.

Stay tuned as this story develops…

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