Weeks After California Mom Vanishes, Police Uncover A Terrifying Link

Just one day after Halloween 2016, 34-year-old Sherri Papini could be found taking out Christmas decorations in her Northern California home. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed “Super Mom” was always doing fun things like this with her kids, but unfortunately, this was the last normal night they would have in a very long time.


This real life Gone Girl’s recent terrifying disappearance and shocking story have left people with more questions than answers.  Although police have yet to make any arrests and the family is staying silent, Internet detectives believe they’ve cracked this crazy case…

1. California Girl


Sherri Graeff was a typical California girl who grew up in the Redwoods of Redding, California and met her future husband Keith Papini when they were just in middle school. “It all started with a first kiss in middle school,” Sherri wrote in a blog for her wedding in 2009.

2. Destiny


“I guess God had a plan in the works years and years ago,” Keith said of how he and Sherri separated and she got married and divorced before they finally got together many years later.  “It ended up being a very cool story,” said Keith. But Sherri’s story was just beginning and it seemed there were some questionable things about his “perfect” wife’s past…

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