Heartwarming: Wheelchaired Man Makes First Visit to the Beach

It was a dream come true for David Thomas who had never seen the beach because of his condition. His friends came together and planned a trip that had been a long time desire for Thomas; it was a trip to the beach.

Thomas who has been disabled due to cerebral palsy had the opportunity to visit the Panama City Beach in Florida and for the first time felt the ocean breeze against his face. It was such an emotional event that left the thirty-six-year-old man very happy.

In his comment, he claimed the view and experience was even better than what he had expected from the pictures and scenes shown on TV. It was the second time he left his home, using a wheelchair had made it almost impossible for him to visit a beach earlier and this unexpected trip was indeed a memorable one for him.

Making a trip to the beach was even more difficult to arrange because the closest beach to Alabama was about 250 miles. Considering his condition, it was going to require a lot of planning. Thankfully his childhood friend Izas Fuller made it happen.

They had been friends for a long time and giving Thomas his wish was a fulfilling experience.

The trip was sponsored by friends on Facebook who were told about the plan and other members of his community. It involved crucial plans such as renting a motorized wheelchair that could be used on a beach and transportation. The wheelchair was rented for two days, but Thomas was given an extra two days when the manager at the rental company found out why they wanted the wheelchair.

It was a truly inspirational event that gave Thomas an opportunity to spend quality time with his best friends while experiencing the beach just like every other person during their leisure.

They had succeeded in giving Thomas the best summer vacation he had ever experienced. Watching the videos was so touching; they ensured that the entire trip was worth the effort. There have been so many comments from on social media; everyone is happy and thankful to his friends for such a kind gesture.

It is true, so many people are still out there with these dreams, and this is the kind of news that can encourage their friends and family to make their dreams come true. Achieving these goals alone can be quite difficult because of the costs and logistics. However, with a collective effort, it is possible to grant the heart desires of other people especially when they are not capable of making these dreams come true by themselves.

In conclusion, Thomas attributes the good luck he has enjoyed to the grace of God. He sent out an encouraging video telling everyone in similar conditions to hold on to their faith and keep believing in God. After the fantastic experience at the beach, Thomas is convinced that he can do much more and he is already planning how to start and accomplish more personal goals.

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