War Veteran Batters Thugs Who Took The P*ss Out Of His ‘Manbag’

Man wit man bag beats thugs.CEN

Footage has emerged from Russia which shows war veteran in St Petersburg taking on thugs who insulted his man bag.

The incident began in a fast food restaurant, with the yobs taunting the former soldier about his bag. The veteran, seen wearing a black hat in the video, had reportedly been trying to order the food when he heard the other men discussing his bag.

One of the men sneered that the bag was ‘feminine looking’, making inappropriate and homophobic remarks about the soldier as they speculated about his sexuality.

After being referred to as ‘gay’, the unnamed soldier removed the bag from his shoulder and proceeded to punch the bully firmly in the face.

He is approached by another yob, who he swiftly knocked to the floor. A third man came over and appeared to be attempting to calm the situation. However, he also received a powerful punch from the angry ex soldier.

The veteran then returned to clobbering the first yob who crossed him, before beating at least two of the blokes with a chair.

The third group member can be then seen apparently explaining himself to the soldier, who heads over to offer an
apology to the restaurant staff. He can then be seen shaking the peacemaker’s hand.

Soldier stands up to bullies.CEN

The altercation was captured on CCTV footage, with the dramatic footage later being posted online.

Many of those who seen the footage have taken to social media to praise the army man for standing up for himself.

One appreciative woman, by the name of’Lena Semechkova’, wrote:

Those bullies got what they deserved! Love it!

‘Andrey Laptev’ applauded:

The veteran is awesome. Respect!

Soldier stands up to yobs.CEN

According to local media the veteran had fought during the Second Chechen War, which took place in the decade between 1999 and 2009.

The incident is not currently being investigated by police as the veteran was not reported.

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