Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Adopts Inseparable Donkey And Emu

Jeffrey Dean Morgan adopts emu.20th Television

As Negan on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays one of the most irredeemably despicable characters ever to darken a TV screen.

However, in real life it appears Jeffrey is more softie than sociopath; with a heart which beats more powerfully than Lucille thudding against spilled brain matter.

The 52-year-old TV villain has now adopted two lovesick animals; taking them to live on his farm in upstate New York, where they can gaze into each others eyes to their hearts’ content.

Like all great romances, the love story of Jack the donkey and Diane the emu has not been without its share of hardships. The, admittedly unusual, interspecies couple were rescued by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue from an abandoned farm in South Carolina, alongside dogs, cats, and chickens.

Despite their forlorn surroundings, the love of Jack and Diane burned brightly. They had formed a very special connection while comforting one other within the same enclosure, and their affection for each other was evident to their rescuers.

When the volunteers attempted to place Jack in a separate trailer, the pair showed great emotional distress. Jack began to cry while his beloved Diane paced around and became ‘frantic’.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue founder Jennifer Gordon told the Charlotte Observer how Diane even ‘drummed’ for Jack. This is something female emus do when calling for their mate.

Jennifer explained how the pair appeared to be a romantic couple:

They like to cuddle and even sleep together, We can’t separate them. Where one goes, the other follows.

When the rescuers took Diane and Jack to their 11-acre site, Jack refused to stay with the other donkeys; preferring the company of his emu love.

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