Vintage Adverts Are Wackier Than You’d Imagine

There is no denying that we live in a world lead by marketers. Media and advertising have been an influence on mankind since the dawn of the 19th century when advertising made its way to newspapers and televisions.

Advertising has since changed over the course of the years. There are certain topics which society has become a little more sensitive towards and certain marketing habits we’ve adopted or developed.

Let’s see what kind of adverts were around back in the day…

The harder a wife works, the cuter she looks!

I know a few people today that would cause a riot if an advert like this was published today. However, back then, this advert for Kellogg’s cereal wouldn’t have been considered so offensive.

This advert went with the stereotype that women do the cooking and cleaning while the men work. Moreover, it also portrays that the better you were at cooking and cleaning, the better your appearance. An advert like that sends a terrible message to those reading.

Most men ask “Is she pretty?” not “Is she clever?”

This was an advert intended to promote a new skin cream. The marketing team decided to go with a threatening route to their target market. Once a reader saw the ad, she was forced to think if this skin scream might be her last hope.

Although there is no denying that this statement is somewhat true, the sad reality is that most men get their first impressions from their eyes. However, there is no need to manipulate women into thinking that appearance is more important than intellect, over a cream!

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