Ukraine To Bring In Forced Chemical Castration For Paedophiles

Paedophiles in Ukraine to have chemical

Ukraine is set to bring in forced chemical castration as punishment for convicted paedophiles in an attempt to halt the rising number of child rapes and sex attacks. 

247 MPs from the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament, voted yesterday (July 11) for the law which defines a comprehensive approach to improving legislation in combating sexual abuse of children.

The controversial legislation will not apply to anyone under the age of 18 or over 65 but could potentially affect thousands of men who are found guilty of raping or sexually abusing minors.


According to the Ukrinform news agency, the document tightens liability for the crimes through the introduction of amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In particular, in accordance with Article 152 of the Criminal Code, punishment involves the use of coercive chemical castration.

The procedure involves the forced injection of anti-androgen drugs, which consist of chemicals that should work to reduce libido and sexual activity.

Under the new law, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will also establish a public register of those who were sentenced to imprisonment in accordance with the Criminal Code for rape of children. Such criminals will be monitored for life by police after being released.

The register will reportedly be created within two months following the introduction of the law.

The law will apply to all child rapes including rape in an ‘unnatural’ manner committed in respect of a minor, sexual intercourse with a person who has not reached puberty and abuse of minors.

Ukrinform reports the current wording of the Criminal Code states rape committed by a group of persons or the rape of minors will be punishable by imprisonment for 12 years, however the new law states the crimes will be punishable by imprisonment for a term of seven to 15 years.

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Abuse of a person who has not reached the age of 16 will be punishable by imprisonment for to up to five years.

According to The Sun, in 2017 official figures showed 320 child rapes in Ukraine but the number of paedophile sex abuse cases are now believed to be in the thousands.

One horrific recent case involved 11-year-old Daria Lukyanenko, who was killed after she ‘fought back’ against an alleged rape attempt by a family friend, Nikolay Tarasov.

Man confessed to kidnap and murder of

Her body was found in a village cesspool after a six-day search. Tarasov confessed to murdering and kidnapping Daria and was detained for attempted rape and murder.

Coercive chemical castration was proposed by Radical Party leader Oleg Lyashko.

Explaining the proposition, he said:

Ukrainian law does not have a life term or death penalty for sex crimes against children.

And it is very unlikely that the rapist would not be back to his ‘business’ again after release from jail.

The change in law comes just a month after Alabama introduced a legislation meaning certain sex offenders will need to be chemically castrated before they’re given parole.

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