This New York Girl Vanished on Spring Break, Now Police Know What Really Happened

It happened on a sunny, Spring day in 2009, Brittanee Drexel had gone with some friends on an impromptu and somewhat rebellious trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her mother and boyfriend hadn’t wanted her to go, but Brittanee was determined to have a great time. She’d deal with the consequences when she got back.

Unfortunately, Brittanee never came back to New York. Since then, her family and friends have longed to learn the truth about what happened to the missing teenager. New evidence from an unlikely source may finally reveal her whereabouts…

1. A Good Kid

Brittanee Drexel was an attractive and vivacious young girl with big aspirations. Strikingly beautiful and very athletic, Brittanee was looking forward to graduating high school in a year and entering college as a cosmetology student. She lived with her parents and her two younger siblings in Chili, New York. She even had a long-term, fairly serious boyfriend named John Greico.

2. Fixed Gaze

What many people didn’t know about this beautiful teenager, was that she was blind in her right eye. Throughout her life, Brittanee had a persistent eye condition which required her to have several surgeries and wear identical contact lenses to prevent one of her eyes from wandering. Despite all this, Britanee remained superbly positive. She was even planning a secret getaway with her friends…

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