These Cameramen Captured More Than Expected

Wild Love

It seems that the love which is captured in this image is mutual. The woman in the photo is really happy and smiling as she poses for this photo with her two animal friends. However one of those friends wants her to be more than a friend. You will understand what we are trying to tell you if you take a look at the position of his hand!

Enjoying The Holiday

Holidays and vacations are for relaxation and enjoyment. The man in this image is totally in the relaxed mood and it seems that the woman is further helping him in relaxing. Actually this photo is really innocent but the angle of the shot and the position of the woman in the photo is giving it a naught look.

Tourist Attraction

Many tourist attraction sights are famous for the friendly animals who are very much part of the place. This monkey seems really comfortable with humans as it is sitting beside a woman eating a fruit. However, it looks like the monkey is more interested in something else than the fruit in its hands. If we take into consideration the interested look in the eyes of that monkey, we may guess that the monkey is a male!

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