The Brightest U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score

George Bush Jr. – IQ 124


The media loved making fun of George W. Bush during his time in the White House. Like many politicians, his goofy sense of humor and verbal slip-ups didn’t help his reputation. However, President Bush is not the unintelligent goofball that some Americans believe him to be. In fact, his IQ is well above the standard for a college graduate. He’s not the brightest person to sit in the Oval Office. But, Bush isn’t the dumbest President either.

Gerald Ford – IQ 127


Before Gerald Ford made his way into the White House, he was hitting the books and tackling on the football field. He attended South High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he was in the honor society and became an All-State football player. His intelligence and athletic abilities caught the eye of many colleges. He eventually went to the University of Michigan and received a degree in Economics and Political Science. After college, he had offers from the Green Bay Packers but decided to be a football coach at Yale before entering politics.

Herbert Hoover – IQ 129.77


President Hoover began his impressive Academic career in a small town in West Branch, Iowa. After moving to the Friends Pacific Academy in Newberg, Oregon he attended Stanford University in California. He studied Geology and was the treasurer for the baseball and football teams. Ironically, Hoover continued dealing with budgets when he became the President at the beginning of the Great Depression.

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