Tennessee Teacher’s Unexpected Disappearance Finally Yields New Clues

6. Well That Escalated Quickly…


Chris even tried to trick Heather into gaining the weight back, claiming that she was much prettier and much more desired with the additional 140 pounds. Not only did he want to control her body, but he wanted to control her sense of self worth. Heather wouldn’t stand for it and legally separated herself from Chris.

7. And Then She Was Gone


Heather moved out of the house, got an order of protection against her husband, and filed for divorce. Chris followed and filed for divorce a few days later.

But two months down the line, on the morning of April 16th, Heather Palumbo-Jones did not show up for school. She was missing.

8. She Up and Vanished


Not only had she not shown up to work, she hadn’t called any of her friends or co-workers either. She was last spoken to on April 15th at 4:30 pm. The police were soon involved…

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