Tennessee Teacher’s Unexpected Disappearance Finally Yields New Clues

3. Weight Gain Struggle


At 30 years old, Heather knew she had to make a lifestyle change and started making healthier decisions. She had struggled with her weight her entire life, but at an all time high, Heather knew what to do. She soon joined a Zumba class and at the end of it all Heather had lost  an amazing 140 pounds.

4. Losing The Weight


Losing the weight had made Heather feel freedom that she’d never experienced before. A freedom that seemed to threaten her husband, who had initially been happy about her weight loss.

5. Addicted to Her


Having rekindled her confidence in herself, Heather’s weight loss made her feel light and free. And the more free she felt, the more Chris struggled to hold on to her. He became dependent on her, obsessed with her even… but the tighter he held on, the more Heather pulled away.

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