Tennessee Teacher’s Unexpected Disappearance Finally Yields New Clues

Things seemed to be going wonderful for Germantown, Tennessee resident, Heather Palumbo-Jones. The young school teacher and mother of two was making positive life changes and becoming a better person.


So it came as a utter shock when Heather up and disappeared one day. No one understood why the kind mother would just leave without a trace. It would be months before her family finally received news about what happened…

1. Heather Palumbo


33-year-old mother and kindergarten teacher at Frayser Achievement School, Heather Palumbo-Jones was beloved by not just her kids and students. The young mother had just lost an incredible amount of weight and was starting to really love her body, herself, and her life.

2. Palumbo-Jones


When Heather was 19, she met and fell in love with Chris Jones. Chris was 160 pounds overweight but that didn’t stop them from building a special bond. At the snap of their fingers the two were married and had two beautiful children.

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