Teacher Who Fed Puppy To Snapping Turtle In Front Of Students Not Gui

Robert CroslandAP/Preston School District 201

A science teacher from Preston, Idaho, has been found not guilty of animal cruelty after he reportedly fed a sick puppy to a snapping turtle.

Robert Crosland made headlines in March last year when it was reported that students witnessed him putting the puppy in the turtle’s aquarium after school hours.

However, after a two day trial, a jury found the teacher not guilty of animal cruelty, based on lack of evidence that the sick puppy suffered.

It was revealed in the trial that Crosland placed the puppy in the water, before the turtle pulled it below the surface. The puppy drowned before the snapping turtle ate it.

According to Local News 8, a large portion of the trial focussed on the condition of sick puppy, which was given to Crosland’s son, Mario, by a farmer. The puppy was reportedly dying.

In a recording of an interview between investigator Christopher McCormick and Crosland, the teacher can be heard saying:

I honestly thought I was doing the right thing by putting it out of its misery.

That’s what’s been so hard in seeing all this because that’s what I’ve been taught my whole life not to let the animal suffer.

Mario Crosland described his father as:

A guy who will do anything he can to save an animal. His whole life has been for animals, and seeing people try to destroy him when he’s has devoted his life to them. He has done all he can to help animals.

Other students who witnessed the event also talked about the teacher’s devotion and care towards animals.

The judge ruled that the question of animal cruelty was best left to the jury.

They decided there was not enough evidence that the puppy, which was already sick and unlikely to survive, suffered any harm. They jury deliberated for 30 minutes before deciding Crosland was not guilty of animal cruelty.

Snapping turtles are known for their aggressive nature and powerful jaws and, as omnivores, feed on anything from plants to small mammals, snakes and birds.

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