Study Shows Girls That Use Snapchat Filters 10x’s More likely to Give Head 1st Date

“They tend to be more insecure and giving you head is there way of asking ‘Do you think I’m pretty?’”

Said the lead scientist on the study.

A lead scientist at the Columbia Institute of human behavior came to the conclusion after 25 days of intensely studying women’s behavior on social app Snapchat that they are ten times more likely to give head to male suitors on the first date.

“If you don’t have snapchat you are also 6 times less likely to get your penis sucked on the first date. So download the app, before its not trendy and they move onto something else” – Scientist

Snapchat’s founder says he’s proud to know he created an app where women love showing their ass, titties, and drunken one night stands.

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