Why Does Sex Feel Good For Women?

When it comes to sex, a lot of people might think that it’s all about the man’s pleasure. It’s all we read, see and hear about. But in reality, women enjoy sex just as much and sometimes even more!

There are many reasons why women love sex. But what is it exactly that makes it feel so good, from our point of view? Number two and one might surprise you!

We’ll try to explain below. Prepare for some surprises, like the last two entries!

10. The Orgasm

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Women can experience various types of orgasms. Because the clitoris has twice the number of nerve endings as a penis, clitoral orgasms can be the most intense. But always remember, “different strokes for different folks.” Every woman is different, so be sure to ask what she needs to get off. Check out number nine through six to find out what chemicals are released after an orgasm.

9. Get That Dopamine

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When we orgasm, a specific part of our brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that passes information from one neuron to the next. It is usually responsible for providing feelings of pleasure and reward, which encourages us to perform actions that are beneficial to our survival.

8. That Sweet Serotonin


Desire, sexual arousal, and satisfaction are informed by neurotransmitters called serotonin. When we orgasm, we get an extra boost of serotonin, which acts as a sort of anti-depressant. Although women have higher levels of serotonin receptors (which the neurotransmitters bind to), they have lower levels of actual serotonin. So, more sex makes for a happier woman.

7. Prolactin Release

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Prolactin is another chemical released in your body after climax. This hormone is responsible for producing a full-bodied, throbbing satisfaction. It’s also responsible for basically stopping women from becoming aroused again after they’ve already climaxed. A greater orgasm means more prolactin is released, which leaves her feeling satisfied.

6. Oxytocin Love

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Oxytocin is another happy hormone that’s released during sex. When it’s released, it creates the sensations responsible for trust and bonding. This explains why sex makes us feel closer to our lovers. Oxycotin and the feelings that it gives us can also be addictive and make the sex seem better than it actually is.

5. It’s A Stress Relief

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With all these happy drugs like dopamine and oxytocin being released, it’s no wonder why sex relieves stress. Sex, like any other exercise, elevates our mood and releases tension in our minds and bodies. Next time she seems stressed, remind her that orgasms melt anxiety away like no other thing.

4. It Builds Intimacy

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Getting to share your body with someone else a personal, intimate experience for a woman. Not only is she exploring her own body and sexuality, she also gets to explore yours as well. This creates a level of intimacy that you can’t get anywhere else. As the passion builds, the intimacy and trust that you share build too. But number three is even more titillating to women…

3. It’s Naughty


Sex is everywhere. It’s in movies, commercials, music, and pretty much everything. Yet, it’s one of the biggest taboos in our society, making us act like it’s something secret or bad. The secrecy of sex makes it one naughty act, which really adds to the pleasure, especially for good girls.

2. It Makes Her Feel Powerful

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Whether it’s at work, at home, or even over their own bodies, women are rarely given the chance to be in control. The bedroom is a private place where she can dominate and hold power without being judged by others. If she’s with the right partner, she can feel empowered by her own sexuality.

1. It Makes Her Feel Sexy

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Ask any woman, and she’ll probably admit that she feels sexiest in the bedroom. Sex allows her to focus on her body in ways that she might not normally. When she sees herself and her body in a new light and with your help, she can get a major ego boost and feel incredibly beautiful.

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