Savage Grandma’s Olenna Tyrell Costume Is The Queen Of Cosplay

It’s a common misconception that grandmas are sweet old ladies who wouldn’t hurt a fly, and Game of Thrones‘ Olenna Tyrell is proof. Trust me. I worked in a care home. Grandmas are the biggest savages in the world.

When you’re dancing with the grim reaper, you’ve got nothing to lose. Who cares if you offend everyone? You’ll be dead soon anyway. Before Olenna’s mortal coil came to an end in season seven, she went out with a bang.

Olenna, like every other grandma out there, loved her family more than anything else in this world. That’s why she didn’t allow her granddaughter Margaery to stay married to the evil King Joffrey for more than five minutes.

Poor Jamie Lannister thought he was doing Olenna a favor by allowing her a painless death. But like a true savage, she got one up on his sister Cersei after she’d taken the poison by revealing that she had murdered her eldest son.

“I’d hate to die like your son,” Olenna said. “Clawing at my neck. Foam and bile spilling from my mouth. Eyes blood red. Skin purple. Must have been horrible for you as a kings guard as a father, it was horrible enough for me, a shocking scene, not at all what I intended. You see I’d never seen the poison work before.

Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.”

It’s no surprise then that Olenna Tyrell – portrayed by the remarkable 79-year-old Diana Rigg – has become so popular amongst fans – especially with the older generation.

If you’ve never heard of it, DragonCon gives fans of fantasy franchizes like Game of Thrones a chance to pay tribute to their favourite characters by dressing up as them. But there was one stand-out cosplay this year – an 85-year-old woman dressed as Olenna Tyrell.

Many of us expect the elderly to act and dress in a certain way. But like I said before, grandmas are savages. They just hide it beneath the facade of being cute old ladies. However, this grandma decided to channel her inner savage for DragonCon.

Holding up a sign that makes reference to her savage revelation in season seven before her character’s death, this grandma has nailed Olenna’s look, and, to make it even better, she’s wearing “deal with it” thug life classes.

I hope that I’m this awesome when I’m 85.

Mobility is an issue for the elderly. However, this grandma decided that she going to use the fact that she’s wheelchair-bound to her advantage, and she also turned her wheelchair into a replica of the Iron Throne.

Naturally, this savage grandma cosplayer received a lot of attention at DragonCon. She’s pictured here with a Cersei cosplayer, who’s angrily holding up her fist after discovering Olenna murdered her son.

This grandma, however, didn’t just reference her character’s demise. She comically referenced her own age whilst simultaneously implying that Olenna hadn’t yet yielded to Jamie’s poison with another epic sign that read “Not Dead Yet”.

We can only live in the hope that this savage grandma makes another appearance at DragonCon next year. She’s definitely won the award for the most epic Game of Thrones cosplay this year. Sorry Xidge Evangelista.

Now, season seven of Game of Thrones may be over, and producers have revealed that we won’t be hearing the show’s opening theme song again until 2019. However, to help with those GoT pangs, check out these epic cover of the opening theme, (that I believe should really replace the original).

Truly amazing!

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