Researchers Reveal The 8 Worst Sex Positions As Voted By Women

Men and women have mixed feelings about which sexual positions cause the most pleasure. Pornography has given us a false sense of knowledge about this topic. Many of the most common positions are the least popular amongst the female crowd. Here are a few examples of positions likely to cut your sexy time short.

Cowgirl Up

Although it seems to be popular amongst women in porn, cowgirl is towards the bottom of the list. Would you want to show off your unwanted curves while letting your partner lay down the whole time? What about the reverse?

Reverse Cowgirl

If she doesn’t like the cowgirl for the aforementioned reasons, she will most likely be against doing reverse cowgirl. You might want to try a position where you can look at her face.


Sporking is like spooning with a few extra pokes. The most difficult part of this position is the ability to hit the g-spot. Our bodies were not made to reproduce this way, so why force it?

Hold Her Up Against The Wall

It’s the result of an unplanned night of romping around the bedroom, but it doesn’t really make sense. Even the next most common position doesn’t make sense.

Missionary Position

Missionary seems romantic, but unless you’re packing serious heat, it’ll take her a little longer to climax. If you go this route, this about her flexibility before trying the next slide.

Put Her Legs Up

Some women might crave having their legs forced behind their head. Most women are not that flexible and you will probably end up causing more cramps than anything.

69 All The Time

Most women actually find it difficult to receive and give pleasure at the same time. Please, above all else, discuss the last position before putting your partner through some pain.

Jackhammer Time

The jackhammer is less about style and more about poundings per minute. Unless you’re an award-winning porn star on set, this is more likely to cause discomfort than a full-blown orgasm.

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