Renovation Transforms This Old Home

Lisa Waud’s visit to a foreclosure auction was the start of an epic journey she never expected.

Flower House @ Facebook

On a whim, the florist bought not one, but two, boarded up houses in an attempts to bring them back to life with a little TLC. She was inspired to transform the beautiful buildings back to what they once were.

1. Abandoned And Derelict

Flower House @ Facebook

Michigan, Detroit: A city home to many abandoned and derelict homes, and this one looks just like the rest. It seems pretty sad and empty on a rundown street. Its boarded-up windows and smashed glass, however, are no reflection of the beauty that lies inside. In fact, one woman has transformed this disused house into something quite simply amazing.

2. Foreclosed Auction

Flower House @ Facebook

When Lisa went to the foreclosure auction in 2014 she didn’t expect to come back with two houses side by side in Hamtramck, Michigan for only $500.

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