Poor Gecko Given Slow Death By Huge Wolf Spider In Australia

Poor Gecko Given Slow Death By Huge Wolf Spider In Australia Screen Shot 2018 03 03 at 09.52.58Caters

Sure, Australia might look pretty appealing right now with all blizzards up and down the UK, but take a look at these pictures, and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to stick to the Baltic weather.

This absolute behemoth is a wolf spider who has just bagged itself an absolutely massive meal for itself (and maybe for its millions of creepy-crawly minion babies).

The wolf spider was spotted dangling a gecko almost twice its size from its fangs in Brisbane, causing a slow death for the lizard.

The photographer, Dan Ryan, who captured the horrifically mesmerising moment says that he was taking his three kids to his car when he noticed the incredible moment happening, and knew he had to get it on camera.

Poor Gecko Given Slow Death By Huge Wolf Spider In Australia Screen Shot 2018 03 03 at 09.53.06Caters

Dan said:

From afar, I thought it was a stick and a leaf, but when I got near it, I saw the huge spider with a gecko hanging from its mouth.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was incredible – but also really creepy. Not only the spider but the fact that there was a dead gecko hanging from its fangs. It was just so weird.

I had to get up really close to take the photos and I was a bit scared it might jump on me. I’ve never seen a gecko being killed by a spider like that, and it’s quite shocking because the gecko was longer in length.

But obviously this spider went after bigger prey and won. I guess the spider eventually dragged the gecko away to eat it. I never saw it again.

According to the Australian Arachnology Society, this breed of spider is common all around Oz and is considered very dangerous to humans – though not lethal.

Even more terrifyingly, these spiders are opportunistic hunters and will even chase their prey over short distances.

Can we just take a moment to think about what it would feel like to have one of these things jump out at you and chase you down the street?

The hunters are also known to wait for prey near the mouth of a hole or burrow before they jump out and take their meal. Dan reckons this is what happened in this case with the gecko.

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He said:

The fence panelling is dislodged, so I think the spider was hiding in there, and when the gecko came past he grabbed it.

It didn't have a web. It looked like it has been lurking and hiding. We live in a really leafy area and there are always different sorts of creatures around and we've seen plenty of snakes and spiders. But nothing quite like this.

I don't know about you, but I think I'll stay right here in the UK thanks.

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