Policeman Slaps 14-Year-Old Girl In Face During Arrest

Policeman Slaps 14 Year Old Girl In Face During Arrest Police arrest B 702x369Ethan Hamer/Facebook

A male police officer in Accrington, Lancashire has been filmed striking a 14-year-old girl on the face during an arrest.

A 14-year-old girl and a 52-year-old woman were arrested in Accrington on Monday afternoon after being suspected of assaulting two police officers. The officers in question were reportedly hospitalised following the assault.

The video shows a male and a female officer trying to restrain the girl during an arrest. People in the crowds can be heard exclaiming ‘get off her!’ as the officers attempt to place handcuffs on her wrists.

Policeman Slaps 14 Year Old Girl In Face During Arrest Screen Shot 2018 08 21 at 11.03.20Ethan Hamer/Facebook

In the midst of the struggle, the male officer slaps the girl on her face using his open palm, prompting one person in the crowd to shout, ‘this man’s smacking up a little girl… she was smacked… you are losing your job’.

Another onlooker demanded to know the male officer’s number, before referring to him as an ‘absolute idiot’. The footage concludes after more officers arrive at the hectic scene.

The footage has since gone viral – having been shared over 45,000 times – and has divided many of those who have viewed it.

Some people were left appalled by the police officer’s actions, believing he went too far when restraining the teenager.

One person tweeted the following question to Lancashire Police:

I am concerned about a video going around at the moment where a Accrington police officer can be seen using unnecessary force on a 14 year old girl. Is anything being done here?

Another said:

Does not matter what her background is the officer should have been less aggressive with her. If that was a father doing that to their child you’re [sic] have enough to say.

However, others have defended the officer; believing he had used an appropriate level of force while defending himself and his colleague.

One person tweeted:

I take it you think biting the arm of a police officer is OK…

The violent young girl was extremely fortunate that the force used on her was so minimal and didn’t involve the officers drawing a baton or taser…

Another said:

As long as necessary and appropriate force was used, then nothing was done wrong by the officers.

For the people making judgment just by watching the video and have got no info. as to what happened, don’t because you’ve got no idea what has happened!

Lancashire Police have released the following statement:

We’re aware of a video which shows a young woman being restrained by officers in Accrington.

Two people were arrested and two officers treated in hospital as a result of the incident. We appreciate it may cause concern – a full investigation will take place in due course.

According to the College of Policing, ‘The Criminal Law Act 1967, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and common law apply to all uses of force by the police and require that any use of force should be ‘reasonable’ in the circumstances’.

Force must be ‘absolutely necessary for a purpose permitted by law’ and must be ‘reasonable and proportionate’. Using excessive force is unlawful.

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