Pilot Wrote ‘I’m Bored’ With Plane During Two Hour Flight Test

Pilot draws 'I'm bored' on a test flightFlightAware

A pilot passed the time on his two hour flight test by intricately steering the plane until its path drew the words ‘I’m bored’. Among other things, as you may have noticed. 

The recently qualified instructor was in charge of testing out a new engine – side note, a terrifying job – at Flight Training Adelaide, where he had two hours to kill as he assured everything was working as it should.

According to Adelaide Now, the pilot set off in a single propeller plane from Parafield Airport on Tuesday (February 19), flying at a particular power setting in preparation for the plane to be bought online as an instructional aircraft.

As there was little traffic up in the air, the pilot was able to weave freely through the skies, and in doing so he found a way to stay entertained.


The pilot started off quite small with his doodles, tracing a small penis shape before he decided to move on and presumably thought, ‘come on, I can do better than that’.

His conclusion was then, presumably, ‘another penis!’

But it seems the amusement of drawing giant genitalia soon wore off, and the pilot had to come up with another way to wile away the hours.

He decided to spell out exactly what he was feeling using the plane, writing the words ‘I’m bored’ in letters dozens of kilometres in length through the sky – though his message was only visible to those watching live flight tracking programs and websites.

You have to admit, his precision is excellent. It might not have been the most professional way to spend the test flight, but at least those at Flight Training Adelaide can be confident in his control of the planes.

I'm Bored PilotFlightAware

Though, they do have a fair reason to be concerned about the kind of shapes he might teach his students to draw in the sky.

According to Adelaide Now, Pine Pienaar, the director of Flight Training Adelaide, said the school didn’t condone the pilot’s actions, but ‘apparently he got bored’.

Well yes, he made that very clear.

Pine added:

Young instructors, what can you do?

Hopefully the instructor went on to do some more exciting things with his day after finishing the test flight, though at least his doodles allowed him to come away from the flight with a good story.


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