Paranormal Activity: These Women Have Sexual Encounters With Ghosts!

Nothing beats a campfire and a couple of terrifying ghost stories. Even Hollywood has a slight obsession with the paranormal, as evidenced by many hit movies and television series. It doesn’t take much more that the thought of a ghostly intruder to terrify most people—but what about people who want nothing more than to be haunted?

These women claim to have had sexual relations and romantic relationships with entities from the other side. Slide #5 is sure to keep you up at night!

8. Ghosts Are A Major Part Of Our Culture


From Halloween costumes to spooky stories that center around mysterious spirits, ghosts have always played a big role in our lives. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood cashed in on this creepy craze, right?

Slide #2 proves that you may have had more experiences with the paranormal than you realize…

7. The Silver Screen Has Featured A Variety Of Spirits


From dealing with the evil demons of Paranormal Activity to becoming BFFs with a pleasant spirit in Casper the Friendly Ghost, the typical paranormal experience widely varies. Some people have their own personal experiences outside of cinema, and some of these scenarios are simply otherworldly—in more ways than one.

6. This Woman Had A Rather Intimate Experience

John Lawrence

Twenty-five-year-old Sian Jameson from North London is nowhere near afraid of ghostly visitors. She claims to have had sex with a spirit who had “beautiful hazel eyes,” explaining that she could “feel the weight of him pressing down on me.” His name was Robert and he was an artist that died over a century ago.

Although it was passionate, she is unsure of how to tell her family about her out-of-this-world love affair…

5. Sian Jameson Fears Her Family Wouldn’t Understand

Bloody Disgusting

Although she describes it as “the most amazing thing I have ever experienced,” she is still a bit nervous when it comes to telling her parents.

“Some people look at me as if I’ve gone mad. My family doesn’t know anything about it, but then what woman feels comfortable discussing her love life with her parents anyway?” she said. She isn’t the only one being romanced by spirits, either…

4. One Woman Ditched Real Men For Their Deceased Counterparts


27-year-old Amethyst Realm from Bristol, England is a “spiritual guidance counselor.” She’s ditched dating human beings for good. She started to have an affair with a ghost when her fiancé was out of town over 10 years ago. It didn’t take long for that ghost to get her curious about having sex with a spirit.

Things get pretty steamy in the next slide!

3. Amethyst Realm Was Ready To Take It To The Next Level


“I saw a heart drawn on the condensation in the window of the guest room,” she stated. A few weeks later, she began a sexual relationship with the ghost.

“I went to bed early in the guest room, wore a sexy negligeé, and lay there in the darkness. I felt a little mad and nervous,” she claimed. Realm had sex with this spirit two to three times a day for three years, and her boyfriend left due to jealousy.

2. Scientists Have A Simple Explanation

Viva La Ghash!

Christopher French, a professor of psychology at Goldsmiths College, University of London, believes this phenomenon may be more common than we believe.

“Sleep paralysis is common—20 to 40% of people say they’ve experienced it,” he said. He described it as a “state between sleep and wakefulness when you realize you can’t move.”

The next slide reveals that this condition can also come with a wide range of sexual symptoms as well!

1. Sexual Arousal Can Be Part Of Sleep Paralysis


“As part of the normal sleep cycle, men and women can become sexually aroused. That is normal and also happens during the REM stage. It’s not surprising, then, that when you get these episodes of sleep paralysis, there could well be a sexual component there and arousal,” Professor French explained.

Combined with the feeling of pressure on a person’s chest, it could feel like you are having an affair with a ghost.

One thing is for sure: these women feel very strongly about their ghostly encounters!

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