One-Eyed Matador Scalped By Angry Bull In Horrifying Footage

One Eyed Matador Scalped By Angry Bull In Horrifying Footage matadorPA

The horrifying moment a one-eyed bullfighter was charged and scalped by an angry bull was caught on camera, and it’s stomach-churning to watch. 

45-year-old Juan Jose Padilla has already gone through the terrifying ordeal of being gorged by a bull in the past, and last week he was attacked again.

The bullfighter was left with one eye after an angry bull attacked him in 2011, but his bullfighting injuries increased when he was left scalped in front of a large crowd in northern Spain last week.

The gruesome footage was caught on camera.

Watch it here – WARNING: contains graphic footage. 

Padilla was taunting the bull when he lost his balance. The bull took its opportunity and charged at the man. Other people in the ring ran to try and distract the bull, but they weren’t able to stop the animal from ramming it’s horns into the man’s head, rolling him over and tearing at his scalp.

In the footage, Padilla could be seen trying to hold his head together in the stadium while he moved away from the bull and another bullfighter managed to momentarily block the bull with his muleta – the cloth. The bull seemed to get distracted by the other bullfighters, allowing Padilla to make his escape.

Padilla was immediately taken to hospital, where doctors confirmed the bullfighter had not suffered any brain damage from the animal, but said he was lucky to be alive.

Impressively, the man managed to stay conscious while he received nearly 40 stitches in his head. And I know people who faint after having an injection.

The man was transferred to Seville, where he continued his recovery with the doctor who had been treating him since his eye injury in 2011, Dr Alberto García-Perla.

Following the incident, Padilla posted to Facebook.

One post read:

Many thanks to all the followers of the page for their love and demonstrated support.

Another said:

I am very well and I want to reassure everyone that my condition after the accident is favourable because I feel very well.

Now I’m in Seville and I’m waiting for Dr. García-Perla to take care of me, who’s going to check my wound, explore it again and he will advise me how to continue with the recovery.

I have been overwhelmed by so many expressions of affection, respect and encouragement as much towards me as my family did, and I want to thank all those who have been able to recover from the mishap suffered on Saturday in Arévalo.

I would have thought having to hold your own scalp onto your head would be enough of an experience to encourage anyone to avoid bulls for the rest of their lives, but according to the Daily Mail, the bullfighter is still hoping to make the San Fermin festival in Pamplona – a festival which involves people gathering to run away from bulls that have been let loose on the streets.

For the sake of the bulls as well as the guys getting their heads ripped open, maybe it’s time we stopped this ‘sport’.

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