Mysterious Evidence Found In Case Of Florida Man

3. Getting Hitched

48 Hours

A year after he graduated, and while Barbara was still in Hollywood Hills high school, the couple found out that she was pregnant. They got married, against Harry Britton’s, Barbara’s father’s, approval.

4. Little Johnny

48 Hours

Things got better for the families as the Jacksons and the Brittons fell in love with little Johnny. But 18 months after they said their I do’s, the marriage turned for the worst and the couple filed for divorce.

5. Determined Dad

48 Hours

Barbara left her husband, and though Harry Britton had become amicable toward David, he still had animosity toward the man who got his daughter pregnant in high school. During this particular time, Barbara fell in love  with a more stable man, John Wolfe.

None of this deterred David from being there for Johnny and being the best dad he could be.

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