Mysterious Evidence Found In Case Of Florida Man

David Jackson was a 24-year-old, recently divorced father of one. In the summer of 1988 he vanished from his home in Florida.

48 Hours

The family has been haunted by David’s disappearance for nearly 30 years. Florida detectives reopened the case recently and may have found a clue to crack what happened to David oh so many years ago.

1. David Jackson

48 Hours

An excellent student and confident teenager, the handsome David Jackson was on his way to becoming an amazing young man in 1981. He had a year of high school left and had plans for college and a career.

2. Barbara Britton

48 Hours

Barbara Britton was a sophomore when David was a senior. They met in 1982 and Barbara  calls him “the first love of her life”. Though both of their parents had concerns about the relationship, the high school sweethearts took no heed and spent as much time as possible together.

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