Mother Of Male Escort’s Child Can’t Find His Identity, A Courts Refuse To Help

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a big deal. For those expecting it, it can be one of life’s greatest blessings. An unintended pregnancy, however, can be a serious dilemma for all involved. This woman became pregnant by a male escort, only to have to fight to learn the true identity of her child’s father…

10. A Story For The Ages


When one woman first began speaking out about her experience with a male escort in 2010, few believed that it could have actually happened. As the situation unraveled, the courts (along with the public) were forced to reckon with the bizarre scenario.

Needless to say, this is a tale worth hearing. Keep reading for more…

9. Pretty Woman Gone Wrong


The woman at the center of the story was simply seeking a few nights of saucy fun when she unknowingly changed her life forever. She took to a hotel with a newly-hired male escort, where the pair spent three whole days together. It was during this time that the woman was impregnated.

8. Pregnancy Panic

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Of course, the soon-to-be mother did not learn of her pregnancy until weeks after her frisky vacation. When she discovered that she was expecting, she rushed to the hotel in search of info on the escort she only knew as Michael.

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7. Hushy Hushy Hotel

In her eagerness to track down the man who had unknowingly impregnated her, the woman assumed the hotel she had stayed at would understand her situation. Unfortunately, she thought wrong. The establishment instead chose to adhere strictly to its privacy policy, refusing to share any information on the mystery guest.

6. Mysterious Michael

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The woman did not give up. When the hotel finally revealed that the escort could have been any of the three men staying under the name Michael at the time, she took her mission all the way to the court system.

She was soon met with a new roadblock. Keep reading to find out what it was…

5. Case Closed

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Given the hotel had provided little help, the new mom hoped and prayed that someone within the legal system would empathize with her unusual situation. The courts, however, thought differently. It was ruled that all three Michaels were entitled to their privacy.

Did they rule fairly? Read on to hear what others had to say about the situation…

4. A Total Gray Area


Needless to say, the expecting mother was less than thrilled to learn that she would have no help in finding the father of her child. The case would be hard to combat, after all; the escort had committed no crimes against her, and hotel privacy laws are hardly ever seen as a negative.

3. Lady Justice

The woman wasn’t alone in her horror over the verdict. Others reacted to the story by questioning the motives behind the ruling, with some even wondering whether or not discrimination played a role in the case due to the social and legal stigmas surrounding the hiring of sex workers.

2. What Goes Around Comes Around

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While some criticized the role of social biases in the case, some sided with the courts by embracing them. Members of the public spoke out against the woman, saying that the unfortunate dilemma was simply an earned consequence of irresponsible behavior that took place during her weekend gone wrong.

Here’s what we have learned in the years since…

1. What Would You Do?

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Seven years later, the public has heard little from either side of the disconnected family. The baby born as a result of the fateful weekend would presumably now be an elementary school student, and may very well still not know who their father is.

If you were the man in question, would you want to know about your child?

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