Top 12 Most Handsome Filipino Actors

Presently, Philippines movies are equally giving a tough competition to the Hollywood movies. Filipino actors are known for their extreme good looks and appreciated for their acting skills. These actors have successfully made a remarkable presence in Philippines film industry. The Filipino actors have unabashed talent and spark beneath their calm and innocent veneer.

These actors are young, vibrant, and have a magnetic charm which attracts the audience most about them. The Filipino actors are now appearing in Hollywood movies as well to deliver their acting skill in Hollywood movies. Filipino actors have successfully made their outstanding career both in film and television industry of Philippines. Let’s look at the top 12 most handsome and hottest Filipino actors in 2019.

12. Jake Vargas

Handsome Filipino Actor 2019

Jake Vargas is a Filipino television actor, who made his acting debut in ‘Basta’t Kasama Kita’ at a very young age of 3. Vargas is a popular actor in the Philippines and known for his killing style and sculpted smile. He has successfully appeared in ‘Oh, My Mama!, Asintado, and Tween Academy: Class of 2012. Vargas is a versatile person who made his career not only as an actor but also as a singer, and a dancer as well. Presently, this Filipino actor showing his acting skill in the GMA TV series ‘Reel Love Present: Tween Hearts’. He is a tremendously talented actor who has won several awards in the Philippines.

11. Kiko Estrada

Handsome Filipino Actor

Kiko Estrada is a young actor with a dynamic personality. He made his successful career both in film and television industry. Estrada is a young man of 22 and eventually at a very young age made a noteworthy presence in the Philippines industry. Estrada has played various role and character and made his acting debut in 2011. He has made his appearance in the television shows like ‘Strawberry Lane,’ and ‘My Mother’s Secret’.

10. Richard Gutierrez

Handsome Filipino Actor

Richard Gutierrez has made his career in the field of acting, modelling, and also showcased his talent as a television actor. He has won over the heart of many girls globally. With his dashing and attractive looks, he became the heartthrob of Philippines. Richard belongs from film background as his father was a former Filipino actor. Born and brought up in California but currently, resides in the Philippines. Richard has made his appearance in various film and television series and achieved remarkable success playing his best roles.

9. Paulo Avelino

Handsome Filipino Actor

Paulo is a Filipino actor as well as a model in the Philippines. He has worked on the GMA show ‘Starstuck’ and achieved immense success. Paulo is well groomed and has a charismatic appearance in his films. He has made his appearance in the films like ‘Heneral Luna’, ‘Walang Hanggan’, and in much more such films. He has risen to fame from the popular television series ‘Walang Hanggan, a classic romantic television series which is a remake of the novel Wuthering Heights.

8. Xian Lim

Handsome Filipino Actor 2019

Xian Lim is a well-known and a popular Filipino actor in the Philippines. Xian has some attractive features and personality for which many girls drooled over him. Xian has got a charismatic look and featured in many television series and films. He is a versatile actor, singer, and model as well. In his young career, he has earned name, fame, and success. He started his career playing minor roles but soon he achieved tremendous success in the Philippines film fraternity. Xian featured in the famous TV series ‘My Binondo Girl’ and became popular after that. Xian gained more popularity after featuring in his award winning movie ‘Bride for Rent’.

7. Jericho Rosales

Handsome Filipino Actor

Jericho Rosales is a Filipino television actor, model, singer, and a songwriter as well. He is a versatile man with multiple talents. Jericho has a charming presence and a charismatic look and very popular among girls. He is a well- known actor featuring in ‘Destined Heart’, and ‘Baler’. Jericho presence of acting made him achieved various awards. His popularity is just not limited to the Philippines but also a popular face in Malaysia as well. Apart from being an actor, he has gained immense popularity in singing and as a songwriter as well.

6. Daniel Matsunaga

Handsome Filipino Actor

Daniel Matsunaga is a famous versatile Filipino model, actor, and also a well-known soccer player in the Philippines. He has a charming character and a killing style to attract many girls in and around the Philippines. Daniel has given the Philippines film industry some blockbuster hit movies and gained appreciation from the Philippines audience. He has featured in many films like ‘She’s the One’, ‘Sisterakas’, and TV shows like ‘The Last Prince’, ‘Be My Lady’, ‘It’s Showtime’, and many more series.

5. Tom Rodriguez

Handsome Filipino Actor

Tom Rodriguez is a sexist Filipino actor with a charming look and dimple smile. He has appeared in the reality series ‘Temptation Island’, and ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ and achieved enormous success in his television and film career. Tom being a versatile actor also knew various foreign languages such as English, Waray- Waray, and Tagalog. He has also appeared in the various TV show as a television anchor.

4. Dingdong Dantes

Handsome Filipino Actor

Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor by profession but apart from acting, he has exhibited his talent in direction, modeling, singing, and also a popular television anchor. He is a man with appealing features and has dazzling eyes. He has appeared in ‘One True Love’ and become popular among the Philippines audiences. At a very young age, he has stepped into the film industry and played a lead role in a teen series. Dantes being the super sexy man has been ranked as number one bachelor in the Cosmopolitan magazine in 2007.

3. Coco Martin

Handsome Filipino Actor 2019

Coco Martin is admired and adorned by many in the Philippines for his charming look. He is a popular Filipino actor achieving massive success at a very young age. He has worked in various advertisements as a child artist. Martin has also appeared in numerous films like ‘Born to Love You’, ‘You’re My Boss’, and many other films.

2. Vhong Navarro

Handsome Filipino Actor

Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro is a leading Filipino actor who is better known as Vhong Navarro. He is a man with killing looks and with a bold personality. Navarro is also well-known for his comedy and singing talent. He is tagged as a versatile person with enormous talent. Navarro gave some popular movies to the Philippines audiences like ‘Starting over again’, ‘Kimmy Dora’, and many other hit films.

1. John Lloyd Cruz

Handsome Filipino Actor

John has got some killer looks with mesmerising eyes and he is famous among the girls in the Philippines. He has risen to fame from his popular television series ‘It Might Be You’ in 2003. In addition to this, John has been the mediator of the popular brands like Smart Talk N Text, Nescafe, and Libresse. He has taken an active part in film and television projects. John Cruz is basically a soap opera actor featuring in various roles and characters.

As a matter of fact, with each passing year, Philippines films are reaching globally with immense success. The celebrities involved in this industry are extremely talented, versatile, charming, fearless, and bold. These top 12 actors have not showcased their talent acting but have also proven their hidden skill and talent in various fields of singing, direction, television anchor, and modelling.

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