Miley Cyrus on Instagram like you’ve never seen her

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Miley Cyrus is one of the most popular and well known young pop stars of our time, and for good reason. Miley’s already shown her talents in music, film, modeling, and basically any other type of entertainment the world likes to feed us, but beyond all there, she also offers us one heck of a life story. And together with her soulful brand of pop and country music, intelligent interviews and inspiring activism, her Instagram pictures just one more captivating chapter in Miley’s journey.


From her Hannah Montana days when she was a child star, all the way to the present moment, there has always been a narrative in this girl’s life. But while a lot of her “story” has been told through the lens the media decided to portray her, the cool thing about Instagram is that it allows Miley to tell her own story, one that the media can’t alter or change. These rare Instagram photos of Miley Cyrus are some of the most intimate ones we’ve ever seen, and we think you’ll agree with us when we say that they’re perfect, or perfectly imperfect, just the way they are.

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Upon looking at the picture you see here, it’s unclear whether Miley is wearing a costume. The outfit does seem to exist somewhere exactly in between: On one hand, it could be a stewardess outfit that she decided to wear on Halloween, and on the other hand, it could simply be what she decided to wear on a fun night out with her friends. But if there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that regardless of “what” the outfit is – she looks pretty darn great in it. Miley is one of those unique media personas that can polarize you and make you feel at home all in the same moment, and she does that well here.

A classy showgirl from birth

Considering the fact that Miley has been connected to the world of show business since she learned how to walk, it makes sense that she would have been exposed to various forms of entertainment, such as Vegas shows. The outfit she has on has a very “Vegas-like” theme to it, with the silver sparklers and the glittery high heeled boots that go up to her knees. She knows how to make an entrance, and you best believe that she knows how to take a good picture. She really does look more mature than she ever has in this picture, posing like a natural in various different ways. Hmm, maybe she should start modeling and singing, too?

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