Meet The Most Delicious Chubby Girl In The World. #6 Is Why She Is Everyone’s Fantasy

If you are thinking that a little more to love can’t be sexy, think again. It’s time to stop body shaming women and help them to celebrate their shape instead. It’s this core idea that provides the platform for The Body Confidence Revolution and the mind-blowingly sexy star behind it. Once you’ve seen her body, you’ll never be the same again.

Impossible Standards Of Beauty

The media spends a lot of time talking about “fat shaming” as a bad thing whilst still promoting the ultimate in skinny waif-like women as the only attractive kind. 

The Counter Culture Arrives

If you want change, sometimes you have to bring about that change by force, and larger women everywhere are tired of being made to feel abnormal. They’re starting something new.

Supermodels Are Proud Of Who They Are

Have you ever noticed that you never see a shy supermodel? That’s because they’ve been taught to be proud of themselves and one woman thinks we can all learn from them.

Jess Megan Sets A New Tone For The Larger Lady

Jess Megan is the founder of the Confidence Revolution movement. She’s sick and tired of women being forced to conform to body image pressures. 

She’s Great Looking Too

Jess may not be what you had in mind when you think of a “non-conformist” woman but she wants to point out that she’s not that supermodel shape, like you see here. She’s got a bit more to share, too.

Jess Lets It All Hang Out

Jess began by using her movement on Tumblr to help encourage other women to show off their bodies and be proud of them. The results were amazing.

Jess Wants You To Understand Their Mission

What started as an individual moment has become much bigger than that for Jess, who now works tirelessly to promote this movement on Facebook and Instagram.

The Mission Possible

Jess’s mission is simple, people of all ages, ethnicities, sizes, etc. should be comfortable in their own bodies and be able to resist the call of marketing pressure. Are you with them?

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