Man Who Hasn’t Cleaned His Penis In 24 Years Leaves Viewers Horrified

Man not washed his penis in 24 yearsE4

Viewers of E4’s show The Sex Clinic were left horrified after a man admitted he hadn’t cleaned his penis for 24 years.

The show offers people sex advice, STI tests and treatment, but viewers of the show were shocked when one patient made the shock confession.

Zach walked into the clinic complaining of a nasty smell coming from his penis, as well as having pain and irritation at the tip.

The young man spoke openly to Dr Naomi about his problem, admitting that he was also having problems retracting his foreskin.

Zach confessed that he had been struggling with the pain for nine months and told the doctor he had had a number of sexually transmitted infections in the past.

Admitting that he’d previously ‘had the clap’ and had ‘caught Gonorrhea from some lass too’, the 24-year-old said it was ‘quite upsetting’.

Man not washed his penis in 24 yearsE4

As the doctor began examining Zach’s penis, he visibly squirmed while saying it didn’t hurt but felt ‘unfamiliar’. But it turned out Zach’s pain wasn’t an STI after all; instead, he had a condition called Smegma which is a buildup of dead skin cells, oil, and other fluids on the tip of the penis, according to Healthline.

Dr Naomi advised Zach that he would need to concentrate on cleaning the foreskin, giving it a good scrub with a soap substitute to ensure that it was clean.

It was at this point the 24-year-old told her:

I’ve never cleaned my foreskin before.

Man not washed his penis in 24 yearsE4

This was too much for some people to handle, and people took to Twitter in their masses to share their disbelief at what they had just seen.

One person wrote:

A man on the sex clinic didn’t wash his genitals for 24years NUT!!! THAT IS F*CKIN DISGUSTING

While another tweeted:

How can you be 24 and not know how to wash your own penis properly?! I know how to do it and I don’t even have one #TheSexClinic

And another said:

We watched The Sex Clinic on E4 last night and there was a guy who didn’t know that he should be washing his penis. I can’t stop thinking about this

Others though commended the young man for being so honest, saying this is the entire point of the show which aims to break taboo and stigma surrounding sexual health.

While Dr Naomi herself told her followers that Zach’s problem is not an uncommon one, and more people should be taking about this.

She wrote:

Lots of talk on social media about Zach #thesexclinic It is not uncommon to see #Smegma on examination in clinic; he is NOT the only one who has experienced this problem #keeptalking #letstalkaboutsex #nojudgement #stopstigma

The Sex Clinic is a new series which explores different sex taboos and issues.

The show airs every Monday on E4 at 10pm.

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