Man Found Alive In The Jungle After 40 Years Claims To Be Missing American POW

The Vietnam War was a tumultuous time in American history. The nation at large was divided on whether or not we should be involved in a conflict so far from home. Nevertheless, thousands of American soldiers fought and died in the war. And many more soldiers were taken prisoner by the Vietcong.

These men were captured, starved, and tormented by the enemy right up until the moment the war ended in 1975. After that, many were sent home, but countless others remained lost: presumed dead. One such soldier, Army Sgt. 1st Class John Hartley Robertson, had apparently found a new life in the Vietnamese jungle and had been living there in secret until he was discovered in 2008. But this Vietnam veteran’s story was not a simple one….

1. Digging Wells

It was a lovely Spring day in 2008. Christian Missionary, Tom Faunce was doing what he loved, helping locals to dig wells in rural Cambodia. They had taken a break during the day when Tom overheard a rumor going around the dig site. Apparently, there was an American soldier who had miraculously survived a helicopter crash in 1968 and was still living somewhere in Laos.

2. Who is the Minister?

Faunce himself was an ex-soldier who had survived two tours of duty overseas. Many of his friends had not been so lucky and the sheer amount of death and destruction he had seen in his tenure as a GI had a profound effect on him. He channeled his guilt and sadness into a bunch of crazy endeavors, eventually ending his marriage and moving off to Cambodia to help people in a very real way: through God….

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