Man Can’t Handle Heights At Top Of Blackpool Tower

Man Cant Handle Heights At Top Of Blackpool Tower keith1ViralHog

A hilarious video of a man at the top of Blackpool Tower shows him struggling to deal with the height. 

A video has been shared of a man named Keith, who had made it to the top of Blackpool Tower, but didn’t spend much time enjoying the surrounding views.

Blackpool’s version of the Eiffel Tower, the landmark stands at 518 feet, which seems to be 518 feet too tall for Keith.

Watch the side-splitting footage here:

The footage was shared with the simple yet effective caption:

My friend Keith petrified at the top of Blackpool tower.

The person behind the camera can be hearing cracking up with laughter as Keith develops his own special technique to help him deal with the height of the tower.

The poor man clung to the inside wall of the viewing deck, looking like an aged and less-skilled Spiderman as he pressed his body against the bricks and slowly made his way around the building.

The person filming explained what was going on through his laughter.

Man Cant Handle Heights At Top Of Blackpool Tower keith12sdViralHog

He said:

Just to narrate this video, we came up the steps and the down stairs are on the other side of the tower.

So Keith is making his way round.

That’s priceless mate.

The cameraman tried to encourage Keith to make the most of his time at the top of the tower, panning the camera across the bay and saying ‘look Keith there’s a good view’.

Kieth was clearly not impressed with this comment, and, with his face pressed firmly against the wall, replied ‘f*ck off!’

Still laughing, the cameraman said ‘are you genuinely alright?’, before cheering the terrified man on and telling  him he’s nearly at the exit of the deck.

Painfully slowly, Keith continued to edge around the wall, no doubt thinking happy thoughts of ground-level Blackpool views.

Hopefully Keith made it back down the tower in one piece – even if it took him a very long time.

I think he definitely deserves some fish and chips and a stick of rock after that ordeal.

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