Life Leave: Is This the Future of Flexible, Happy Workplaces?

For many of us, trying to get any kind of prolonged time off of work can feel like quite a stress. You can spend a lot of time arguing with bosses for a week off here, and mostly wind up using your time off to recover from illness and injury. However, one company is bringing in a very interesting plan – it’s called Life Leave, and covers a whopping 12-weeks of time.

It’s becoming very popular with good reason, and some are already shouting for it to become a wider company policy throughout the working world.

Most of us only get a prolonged period of time off work if we choose to take parental leave, or long-term sick leave. Australian firm Ernst & Young are changing the parameters, though, bringing in a 12-week Life Leave session. This is part of the idea of trying to make the lives of their staff a bit more easy-going and flexible. This new part of the company might help to make life a bit more flexible for everyone who is involved.

Flexible working schedules are becoming more and more important in the modern world. With not all of us tied to the same responsibilities and lifestyles as in the past, people need a bit more flexibility in their lives. Another interesting scheme that E&Y are rolling out, though, is a term-time working system that means you can work part-time when schools aren’t in session.

Then, you work full-time during the school year. Naturally, this would be a boon for parents who cannot find time off normally in the non-term times, when they want to spend time with their kids.

The aim is to try and keep a better standard of staff, avoiding chasing people off due to unfavorable working commitments. Indeed, the results are clear: the company has found an 11% increase in employee engagement thanks to the addition of flexible working times.

Changes in the Workforce

A reason for this change, though, is the change in the workforce. Millennials are fighting for more flexible futures, looking to avoid being caught in the same working traps as they may have once been caught up in. this is going to help with making sure that workforces are treated fairer in regards to the kind of world that they wish to live within.

E&Y have moved to make this change because they know that 4 out of 5 employees are going to be millennial in the near future. Therefore, catering to their largest professional audience is smart and sensible.

Indeed, this is going to become a talked about policy in many other companies in Australia and far beyond. The world is gearing up for making the world of work a more diverse, flexible place to be. For that reason, we can thank companies like E&Y for looking at the potential of a more flexible, professionally-friendly working standard.

Who knows? In a few years, this policy might be far more widespread than you think.

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