Lidl’s Selling Massive Packs Of Churros For 99p

Lidls Selling Massive Packs Of Churros For 99p Churros ALidl

Many lucky ducks will be jetting off to Spanish coast this summer; for plenty of sun, snacks and sangria.

However, for those of who left behind and threatening to ‘hop in your suitcase,’ we can still grab a little piece of sunshine.

Good old Lidl are bringing you back your favourite Spanish dough pastry snack – churros – for just 99p for a weighty 500g bag.

This is surely the most hotly anticipated return of the summer, topped only by our impending return to Love Island

In a handy move for we lazier bakers, these sweet swirls are pre fried and (almost) ready to go. Just heat them up in the oven for 15 minutes and slather with a topping of your choice.

Nutella is of course always a winner, but toppings such as Cinnamon-sugar, gooey caramel or chocolate custard all sound equally delightful.

All you need is to dip your feet in your garden paddling pool and pretend it’s a sparkling blue pool at a sun-drenched resort. Ahh, I can also feel the mosquitos starting to nibble on my ankles…

Get some baking inspiration for yourself below:

Lidl shoppers are understandably thrilled at the prospect of sampling this quintessentially summery dessert.

One person proclaimed:

Public service announcement: LIDL SELL FROZEN BAGS OF CHURROS.

Another sighed:

Oh!!!!!!! I was searching for some diet on twitter and came across this! Mmmm… Diet out the window!

There are 157 calories and 4.9g of sugar for 100g of Lidl’s churros, so this isn’t the most sinful snack you could go for (so long as you’re prepared to share!)

However, do bear in mind the additional naughtiness once you factor in your favourite topping.

Lidl’s Choco Nussa chocolate spread with hazelnut would be one particularly lip-smacking option.

You can pick up a 400g for £1.09, which is pretty good going when you consider a 200g jar of Nutella will set you back £1.60.

For fancier types, Marks & Spencer are also selling a 20 piece pack of Churros for £8.

Although this is admittedly a little steep, this pack also includes a scrumptious chocolatey dipping sauce which has the inside of my belly written all over it…

Tesco is also getting in on the Churro fun bus, flogging 220g bag of 12 mini churros with yummy hazelnut-filling for a pretty reasonable £2.

For those strange people who are not yet aboard the Churro bandwagon, these are traditional snacks served in Spain and Portugal, beloved by generations of British tourists.

They are kind of doughnut-esque in many ways, but instead of soft-puffiness, you will find a satisfyingly crisp outer shell. Mmm-mm.

These tasty treats are only available while stocks last, so hot foot it down to Lidl now like it’s the very last sun bed on the beach.

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