Heroes Rescues This Black Market Bear

6. Bears For Medicinal Use

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

“It is well-known even for local people that bears are valuable on the black market for medicinal use or consumption,” LWRC director Michelle Walhout-Tanneau told The Dodo.

In fact, sun bears are farmed under horrible conditions in Laos for their bile – something that is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

7. Motorcycle Gang To The Rescue

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

But before the family could sell her to the businessman, a big-hearted motorcycle gang touring Laos found her in the horrific conditions she was in.

8. Don’t Send Little Missy to China

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

“The bikers had heard of LWRC before,” Walhout-Tanneau said. “They convinced the family to hand the bear over to them so they could bring it to a safe sanctuary at LWRC, rather than selling it to the Chinese businessman with whom she would likely suffer a horrible fate.”

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