Heroes Rescues This Black Market Bear

3. Helarctos Malayanus

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

Sun bears, or Helarctos Malayanus as they are officially known, live in Southeast Asia’s tropical forests.  Due to poaching and reforestation, their population has decreased by over 30% in the last three decades alone.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (ICUN) classifies the bear as ‘vulnerable’.

4. Taking Care of a Bear isn’t Easy

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

The family who purchased Little Missy severely underestimated how much time and resources were needed to properly care for the bear; they had assumed it would be as easy as keeping a live teddy bear in a small cage.

The family soon decided to sell her.

5. Little Missy Goes to China

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

A Chinese businessman shows interest in purchasing Little Missy. They don’t know a lot about him but they do know that he has the means to purchase and transport the bear from Laos to China and may offer her a comfortable home in captivity… or something altogether.

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