Heroes Rescues This Black Market Bear

Miss Vientiane, also known as Little Missy, was terribly neglected by the family that owned her.

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

The bear was depressed and kept isolated in an inappropriate environment, but that didn’t stop Little Missy from having one of the most amazing rescue stories of all time.

Caretakers at the Laos Wildlife Rescue Center documented and shared her story with the whole world. Check out the amazing story and these powerful photos detailing the heroic rescue…

1. The Illegal Pet Trade

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

The illegal pet trade is a huge business in many parts of the world. They are usually sold when they’re young, as they’re easier to transport when smaller, and are priced based on their rarity. Sadly, many of them are resold in their adult years to buyers who are not just looking for an exotic pet.

2. Little Missy

Laos Wildlife Rescue Center @ Facebook

Due to the animals that can be found there, Southeast Asia’s wildlife black market is a thriving business. It was in Laos that Little Missy was bought by a family – no one knows how she came to be on the market, but based on her age, she was most likely torn away from her mother.

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