Hero Dog Saves Woman From Mugger

Hero Dog Saves Woman From Mugger dog chasesUniversal Media Online

This is the incredible moment a stray dog saves a random woman from being mugged in the street after apparently sensing what lay ahead.

In the jawdropping footage, a woman is jumped by a callous robber just moments before the moral mutt makes a move for the male.

The mugger approaches the innocent woman, grabs her form behind and grapples her to the hard floor in a bid to rob her.

Hero Dog Saves Woman From Mugger cute stray dogUniversal Media Online

Unbeknownst to him, a stray dog with a taste for social justice approaches him.

Jumping to her defense, the dog runs around the mugger biting at his heels.

The mugger, defeated, runs away in a fright while the dog continues to bark at him.

The dog then checks in on the woman to make sure she’s OK following the ordeal.

One user commented:

This woman should’ve taken the dog home. If it weren’t for him she wouldn’t have any of her belongings – good job pup!

Hero Dog Saves Woman From Mugger mugger fall

Another said:

Yes, that dog knew. That wonderful pup sensed this guy was bad news, before he made a move.

Earlier this year, a dog saved a newborn baby after it had been buried alive by digging through the dirt frantically.

It just goes to show that dog’s really are a man’s best friend. Man… and woman! Dogs rock.

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