Here’s Why Disabled Czech Citizens Are Fighting For Sex Workers’ Rights

Is sex a basic human right? Some think it is. Consider this, though: Many people with disabilities don’t have the same access to sex that other people have. That’s why there’s been a huge push in the Czech Republic to allow disabled citizens to seek services from sexual assistants.

Slides five, four, and three will show you that sex is a basic human right!

10. Right To Sex

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Many European countries allow and even pay for disabled people to get services from sex workers. The Czech Republic is now interested in putting a system like this in place and the movement is currently backed by the Right to Sex initiative.

Even though some prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, the Right to Sex movement and those who support it are starting some serious controversy…

9. Meet Tomáš Pik

Tomáš Pik recently joined the Right to Sex initiative. This 27-year-old is like many other young men, meaning that he enjoys meeting girls and having a good time.

However, he has a neurological disease called Friedreich’s ataxia which confines his movement. He has been in a wheelchair for six years now, and he’s often turned down by women and sex workers because of this.

8. Two Taboos At Once


Tomas says that “People with disabilities are taboo and sexuality is taboo.” Both subjects are often avoided in talk and in politics. The two together often make for an uncomfortable discussion. But it is important to remember and to consider that people with disabilities can be just as sexual as everyone else.

Slide number five explains why sexuality is so important…

7. Freya Fights For Freedom


The movement across the continent and particularly in the Czech Republic is supported by The European Platform Sexual Assistance and its partner, a non-profit called Freya. Freya’s mission is to educate people and start a discussion about sexuality and disabilities. Their fight includes decriminalizing sex work, which would allow people with disabilities to legally have access to sexual assistants.

Next up, you’ll meet a rare sexual assistant…

6. Meet Vladana, The Trained Pro


This is Vladana Augstenová from Prague. She is one of the very few trained sexual assistants selected by Pleasure Without Risk. Like her co-workers, Vladana provides the support that disabled Czech citizens need to explore their own sexuality. However, she does not offer sex. Instead, she uses “touching, hugging, and massaging to open up [her] client’s sexual energy.”

5. Providing Sexual Support


Sexual assistants like Vladana don’t necessarily need to offer sex. They mostly provide the support that some disabled people need in order to connect with their sexuality. Our sexuality plays a large role in who we are as people. Connecting with it gives us an inner pleasure and sense of identity, which any person should have access to.

4. A Chance For Relationship Practice


Depending on the sexual assistant, these services are usually open to both men and women who have disabilities; men are more likely to seek out support, though. Sexual assistants also provide people with disabilities the opportunity to explore their feelings, wants, and needs before they enter relationships with other people.

3. Disabled And Happy

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Although many people think those with disabilities should explore their sexuality through their own relationships, it’s not that simple—or realistic. Sexual assistants are therefore needed for people with disabilities to feel happy and fulfilled. Happiness is what makes life livable, after all, and everyone has a right to live an improved life.

2. Pay To Play

Disability Horizons

A one-hour service cost about 1,200 Czech Crowns, or 45 Euros ($50 U.S.). However, there are some European countries that provide government-financed sexual assistant services for disabled people. Although many non-profits are in support of this concept, Tomáš Pik disagrees, saying that there’s already enough controversy about the issue.

1. Sex For All, All For Sex

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So, is sex a basic human right?

Exploring sexuality allows us to discover who we are and connect with other people. Learning about our identity and building relationships with other people are pretty basic human activities. Therefore, every human, including those with disabilities, should have access to this basic human right.

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