Gwendolyn hilariously explains why she’s totally creeped out by fellow got actor in recent interview

I think we can all agree that Gwendoline Christie plays Game of Thrones’s Brienne of Tarth exquisitely. However, viewers have become even more fascinated by her character in recent episodes.

In the latest episodes of the hit HBO show, her character has piqued the interest of Tormund Giantsbane, played by Kristofer Hivju. Tormund has made it pretty clear throughout the series that he has the hots for Brienne and he doesn’t even attempt to keep it under wraps.

Brienne had undeniably albeit unintentionally stolen Tormund’s affections, and as a result Tormund can’t help but stare longingly in her direction. This has been going on for a few episodes now, and viewers are totally captivated by the pair.

Many dedicated fans of the show approve of the potential love interests and enthusiastically “ship” the pairing on fan sites and forums.

Although, whatever exists between the two of them hasn’t exactly blossomed into a relationship just yet, but we’re all yearning to see it happen once and for all.

I mean, just think of the potential pairing from a feminist perspective: if it were to happen it would totally subvert the stereotypical gender roles assigned to males and females in relationships. And why’s that? Well, because Brienne of Tarth would be his knight in shining armor!

This season has seen Tormund and Brienne delve into all kinds of steamy topics; most notably his view that sexuality is fluid. We also see him becoming just a little bit forward with his crush as he confesses his desire that the two of them have giant red-headed children together.

While Brienne may not have been open to the suggestion, fans of the show are still holding out hope for the couple.

Gwendoline Christie was recently on Late Night With Seth Meyers and luckily for those of us who are devoted fans of Tormund and Brienne, she didn’t neglect to dedicate a few anecdotes in connection with their scenes together.


As it turns out, it’s not just Christie’s character that is creeped out by Tormund, the actress herself has, by her own admission, become weirded out by Tormund, and more specifically by the way Hivju portrays the eyebrow-raising free folk member.

She explained to Seth Meyers, “He likes to continue being in character even off set.”

According to Christie, he acts with comical exaggeration in the scenes where his character is ogling her.

Christie wasn’t exactly expecting the actor to throw such bizzare looks her way in their scenes together. In fact, based on the script, Hivju is simply supposed to “give Brienne a look”.
Of course fans of the show were all majorly disappointed that the seventh season of Game Of Thrones ended so soon after it began. However, you’ll be even more bummed out to learn that the eighth season is set to air years from now, possibly sometime in 2019!
Here’s hoping when the popular HBO show finally does return to our screens, Tormund will survive whatever is thrown his way while he is beyond the Wall so that he can finally make his move on Brienne and start the family he’s been dreaming of having with her!

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