Great White Shark Attacks Prey Leaving Tourists Screaming As Sea Runs Red

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moment a great white shark attacked its prey, leaving the sea turning a deep shade of crimson.

In the footage, terrified onlookers can be heard screaming in terror as the shark and its prey partake in a bloody fight underneath the water.

The incident was captured on camera by the captain of a boat which was taking passengers on a whale watching tour in the middle of the sea near Green’s Point Lighthouse in Brunswick, Canada.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, which was later posted to the Jolly Breeze Tall Ship & Jolly Hurricane Jet Boat Facebook page, the predator can be seen just yards away from the boat as it bobbed along in the water.

Initially, not much can be seen as the majority of the fight takes place beneath the surface of the water, but then the shark’s fin emerges from the sea as its prey starts to thrash around.

Suddenly, the surrounding water turns red with the blood of the shark’s victim, as the shark continues its attack.

Passengers onboard the boat can be heard screaming throughout the ordeal, with one person crying as the boat continues its journey.

One woman fretted about the seals they had seen earlier in the tour, worrying that one of those could have become the shark’s prey.

She says in the video:

We scared those poor seals, I even said ‘don’t get eaten’.

Since getting posted yesterday, the video has already gone viral – attracting 27k views with many in amazement that such an incident was witnessed by those on the boat.

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