Girl Accidentally Jumps Off Bridge Playing ‘Floor Is Lava’ Game

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Forget the Mannequin Challenge, the Harlem Shake, planking – there is a new social media craze in town – The Floor Is Lava.

So what is it? Well, someone calls ‘the floor is lava’ and the person they’re with has to ‘save’ themselves from the imaginary lava and climb up somewhere. Simple.

So far, we’ve seen people fall into bins, jump up on counters in fast food restaurants and falling over suitcases – all fun and games, but now footage has emerged of one girl seeing a dangerous side to the game when she accidentally falls from a bridge.

In a video you see a group of teenagers in Solothurn, Switzerland. Suddenly, one of them calls ‘lava’.

Two young women immediately climb onto a staircase, wanting to ‘save’ themselves.

But one of the girls loses her balance and falls three to four meters over the railings to the stairs below.

Everybody in the water!

Thankfully, it is believed the girl is ok. In the Snapchat video, which has now been deleted by Facebook, there is a banner saying ‘ihre gahts gued’, meaning ‘she is doing well’.

Stay safe, kids.

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