Football Stadium Announcer Falls For NE14 ABJ Number Plate Prank

AFC Fylde/Twitter

We’ve all fallen victim to a prank at one time or another, but it’s still hilarious to see someone else accidentally make a fool of themselves. 

Whether it’s a The Simpsons inspired prank call or the classic playground humour of asking someone to spell ‘iCup’ – no, it’s not a new Apple device – old-school practical jokes never get old.

Unfortunately, it’s not always that funny for the person who walks into the trap.

I imagine it’s even less funny when they do so in front of a stadium full of people, which is exactly what happened to the unsuspecting stadium announcer at AFC Fylde on Tuesday (February 12).

The three young pranksters who managed to fool the announcer had, admittedly, come up with quite a clever plan to get the poor man to accidentally offer oral sex to the entire stadium.

They approached with a somewhat reasonable request, which any polite person would be happy to help out with.

One of the youngsters got the attention of the person behind the microphone and explained their father had been blocked in by a white Nissan Micra in the car park outside, and they quickly needed to leave due to an emergency.

Now, there’s no reason for this story to set off any alarm bells in the announcer’s head. They probably just thought, ‘right, I can be the hero here and help this guy out. This is my moment.’

One of the mischievous kids helpfully wrote the license plate number down on the back of a match ticket for the announcer to read out; NE14ABJ.

AFC Fylde/Twitter

Little did he know that particular Nissan Micra and its license plate were actually completely non-existent, but by then the deed was done, and he only realised his mistake after he’d already made the announcement.

In case you’ve not caught on yet, the license plate number sounds like the phrase ‘anyone for a BJ’.

Thankfully those at the stadium managed to see the humorous side of the prank, and put out a funny tweet following the unfortunate situation.

Complete with a face-palm emoji, it read:

WANTED: This trio pictured in the middle.

CRIME: Rather cunningly duped our stadium announcer into asking for a white Nissan Micra NE14 ABJ to be moved last night.

Hopefully the picture of the culprits will be enough to stop anyone else falling for their practical jokes!


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