Fisherman Finds Injured Crocodile And Tames A Monster

3. Finding Pocho

The year was 1989, and Chito was walking along the banks of the Reventazón River when he happened upon something very strange. There, on the banks of the river, was a dying male crocodile. When he stepped up to investigate the skinny, 150 lb reptile, he realized it had been shot through the head and the left eye by a local cattle rancher.

4. Injured

He knew, as dangerous as it was, he couldn’t leave the poor animal there, alone and helpless. Chito acted quickly, enlisting the help of several brave friends to load the heavy reptile into his boat. He knew if he just got the animal back to his home, he could heal it, then release it back into the wild. He named the massive reptile, “Pocho” which means strength and began to care for him in his own backyard….

5. Nursing Him to Health

The altruistic fisherman started to heal Pocho with a combination of medicine, food, and, more importantly, lots of care and attention. Chito fed the crocodile a steady diet of chicken and fish. He procured medicine to stave off infection and even stayed by his side at night, going as far as to sleep right next to him at night.

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