First Full Trailer Of David Attenborough’s New Netflix Documentary Our Planet

Netflix UK & Ireland still from Our PlanetNetflix UK & Ireland

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Sir David Attenborough is back on Netflix this April with Our Planet, and the first full trailer is everything animal lovers and naturist enthusiasts had hoped for and more.

You can watch a summary of the spectacle which awaits us in short below:

From orangutans to elephants by way of frogs, the trailer sees the TV crew unite Mother Nature’s best under superbly starry skies in the name of raising awareness for those animals who are nearing extinction in our lifetimes.

In the TV one-off they’re calling ‘a global event’ audiences will be treated to HD visions of wildebeests being chased by cheetahs to the polar ice caps collapsing, proving once and for all that nature is as beautiful as it is fallible, as scary as it is spectacular.

Following on from the epic first look teaser, released at the end of last year, the new trailer serves to ‘remind us we’re all on one team’ and that ‘Our Planet’ needs our help.

Although we don’t get a glimpse of the TV veterans, or even a whisper of his famous voice, the message is on brand and classic modern day David Attenborough.

Here’s the teaser, for even more incredible footage:

Nonagenarian Attenborough recently urged politicians and business leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos to tackle climate change, warning ‘the Garden of Eden is no more’.

It seems the streaming service plan to take the same message global in their televised mission to save the world from sixth mass extinction, global warming and pollution caused by human hands.

Meanwhile, over at Aunty Beeb’s house, it has just been announced Sir Dave will be returning to the BBC for yet another moralising televisual offering to delight and enthral British audiences.

The new offering, One Planet, Seven Worlds, will use cutting-edge technology to explore how the characteristics of each continent affect the animals who inhabit the environs there.

With a focus on the environmental forces which reshape our world, the show will air under the BBC banner of ‘Protecting Our Planet’ season, alongside other programming of a similar tone.

Hopefully, One Planet, Seven Worlds and Our Planet will help drive the message home, and teach us all a little bit more about the animals with whom we share that home and who need our help, too.

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